King: a dream come true. The dream of Giovanni Tartufoli, who was barely out of his teens, and armed with only an entrepreneurial spirit when he decided to put his passion into action.

“I was seventeen years old, and every morning, as I came down the stairs, I’d pass the workshop of an artisan who made bespoke shoes. Beautiful shoes, made to measure. One day I stopped to watch, and from that day on, shoemaking became a part of my life”.

Why did he call his brand King? A male name, for such sophisticated women’s collections?

“To give it a global sound, which was important even back then”, Giovanni explains with a smile. “I started out with a focus on british-style men’s shoes. Those were the boom years in Italy, and you could feel the itch for change in the air: The first man on the moon, Martin Luther King marching on Washington, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the legendary Woodstock Festival, cultural transformations, politics… I too felt the need to reinvent myself and be a part of that revolutionary mood that was ushering in a new era, so i moved into women’s footwear. I began adopting special techniques that were just coming into use at the time: Stitchdown construction, San Crispino construction, Slip-Lasting, Tubular moccasins…”

Are there any particular achievements that you remember fondly?

“My pride ands joy: boots made of cowhide at the time, this material was used only for sewn or nailed footwear and gluing it wasn’t the least bit easy.
More than fifty years later, my dream is carried on by my two children, Sofia and Giacomo, who share my love of shoes, and are firmly dedicated to providing my customers with the outstanding products they deserve.
Thank you…”

Giovanni Tartufoli

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